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MJ’s will service your lawn on a weekly basis for the months of April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November, and as needed for the months of March and December.  Your lawn service will be scheduled on the same day of each week. In the event of inclement weather, service will be scheduled for the next available day.

MJ’s Lawn Service uses only top quality commercial walk behind mowers, which are properly sized for your residential property.  Our mowers leave much less impact than riding lawn mowers, because they only weigh about 1/2 as much.  Instead of leaving behind ruts, we leave you with a professionally manicured lawn.

Lawn service will include:  mowing all turf areas, trimming all turf areas inaccessible to mower with a string trimmer, removing litter, edging of all walks and driveways, and blowing the resulting clippings.  Weekly service does not include excessive leaf cleanup, animal feces cleanup, or weeding.

The cost of weekly service, for a small property, starts from only $35.

Minimum of 4 consecutive weekly service visits required.



poop scoop service

MJ’s now offers an animal feces cleanup service. Before each weekly service visit, we will pick up and bag all the mess, and then dispose of it. This service is optional; however, if feces is not cleaned up by the homeowner before the weekly service day, we will clean it up for an additional charge before we service the property.
This service starts at just $10 per visit.



brown mulch

Fresh mulch will make a huge visual improvement to your current landscape. It will also help your plants retain moisture and nutrients, and prevent weeds from taking over your beds. MJ’s uses a high quality, triple shredded and dyed, hardwood mulch. This is the best mulch available. It has a nice uniform color that looks good for a full year, and comes in your choice of Brown or Red. (We can also get a lesser quality, non dyed hardwood mulch, but we don’t recommend as it fades quickly. Price Varies). We do not use dump/landfill mulch. Weeding and bed clean out will be an additional charge, and there is a $75 delivery fee.
Mulch price: $85 per cubic yard, delivered and installed.


This procedure involves removing small plugs of turf to help eliminate surface compaction. This helps let water, nutrients, and air into your lawn. Lawn aerating is an important service that should be done at least once annually for a healthy lawn.
Price: Weekly Lawn Service Price multiplied by 3.

Example= Weekly price of $40 x 3= $120 for Aeration



All work, other than weekly maintenance, will be billed hourly at $60 per man hour.  This price includes the use of efficient commercial equipment by skilled employees working at an optimal pace. Additional work can be scheduled any time via email, or by calling us.

bed cleaning

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    • Credit Card: Your account will be setup for automatic credit card billing and the credit card on file will be charged the day after your property is serviced, and then you will receive an email showing your account balance has been paid. No more bills in the mail, and no more writing and mailing checks! If the card that we have on file for you is declined or canceled, we will contact you for another card, and service will be temporarily suspended until the balance is paid in full.
      Call (757) 320-6328 to put your card on file today.


    • Cash/Check/Money Order: If you wish to sign a contract and receive monthly invoices, we can accept cash, check, or money order as payment.

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  • Prepay: If you would like to prepay for the entire season up front, we can offer you substantial savings by discounting
    10% off of your yearly total.